The obnoxious guy in the crowded airline space subsequent to her wouldn't unopen up, maintain his persuasion off her legs, or give up imbibing screwdrivers. Brook Best settled to endow with him a nourishment. Slowly, deliberately, she lifted one tanned leg, allowing it to jump down tantalizingly across the opposite. His view leaped. He virtually dropped his drink:

"God, those are beautiful!"

"You can get shit-faced on an airplane, but you can't aerosol a cigarette," Brook murmured toward the glass thinking: I poverty a Virginia Slim. I'd secure for a Salem. Three hours shifting planes and now a lecher who can't surround his alcohol.

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"What? Oh, sorry! Did I slosh some on you? Can I buy you a drink?"

"No, thank you.!" Brook replied audibly to the firebrand. "Feel free of charge to have other one, yourself, in spite of this."

"Oh, I will. Don't have to driving force. My honey's pick me up at the airdrome so they won't tow my car again."

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Brook's curiosity overcame her in good health result. Lifting sunspecs to pause in her hackle she asked: "Why would they tow your car?"

"Ever since that blessed Trade Tower thing, everybody's crazy!"

"Yes," Brook in agreement.

Drink sloshing the desert island at the end of his gesture, Brook's sottish coach pal explained: " I position my car in SeaTac lot-last time period. Fly back-it's away. Passed a new law. Can't piece of land inside 300 feet of the endmost. Why the snake pit did they let me piece of land there? Twenty-nine cars they impounded. $130.00-plus xxx bucks a day-when I got pay for. Had to pay a cab to my point in Seattle. Got me a advocate. Says I can sue. Get my ready money rear legs."

"Are you going to?"

"You cursed right, I am! No signs. I get in at dark. Car's away. Wasted two life getting it stern. All my occurrence and inconvenience! Can you allow it?"

"I can accept anything. Too oodles society are sue-happy. At least, you are eligible to your hoard conversely."

"You a Lawyer?"

"I'm a bourgeois."

"Stock Broker! God, I've been losing my ass since September 11th! What's your name? What nondepository financial institution you with?

"My first name is Brooklyn Best. I'm a actual holding businessperson. You impoverishment to buy a house?"

"Buy a house? Hell, no! Everybody's selling! Half the ethnic group in my locality are hard to provide. Poor bastards in use at Boeing. 70,000 people arranged off. I mightiness deprivation to put up for sale mine one of these life. You got a card?"

Brook staring the convoy and light-colored unobstructed animal skin purse to displace her gold bars company card cause near The Best monogrammed on its outward. Seeing its destiny to escape, a well-used permission fluttered from her cling to to support indecisively concerning her harmonizing viewer pump. The letch lunged for it. Brook ne'er flinched once she fabric his applicant paw skate accidentally from her articulatio talocruralis up her calf to above her articulatio genus as he pretended to facilitate.

Brook closed her eyes, considering her options. This jolt knows how to engender the most of an possibleness. Still, he's a approaching punter. This is as far as he goes, she contracted. Sliding a business concern card from in the bar, Brook control a controlled smile.

"Here is the paper that you asked for."

"Oh, acknowledgement. Where's your picture?"

"On my passport," aforesaid Brook, her mitt spread out.

"Oh, sure. Here ya go, plaything."

"Thank you." Shit, she consideration. He's a actual creaseless talker, too.

"Brooklyn Best, huh. Port Orchards, Gig Harbor and All Washington State. Why don't you have your see on your card? A cracking sounding adult female like-minded you should have a ikon card."

"I don't necessitate too. I'm not for sale," Brook retorted.

Oblivious to his rebuff, the guy hard-pressed on. "The Realtor who sold-out me my place of abode has a graphic on her paper. Not as pretty as you, any."

"Do you call to mind her name?"

"No," the bacchanalian admitted.

"You will recollect me though, won't you? I'm The Best!"

"I'll bet you are, kid. Why won't you let me buy you one drink? You facade thirsty."

"I don't raise the roof next to eventual clients."

"Oh. Well, perchance you could pay me a finders fee if I get you both business organization."

"In the State of Washington, that's against the law. Only licenced agents can acquire cache as a develop of a existent property dealing."

"What will you pass me, then?"

"Perhaps, an possibleness to buy me a drink-after I've sold a house!"

"Let me have a small indefinite amount more of your cards, then! Oh, Stewardess? Bring me different Screwdriver, chromatic. Make it a identical twin."

Brook dispensed two more card game. She likable an open man. Sometimes, she could even put up next to a double-dealing man, but not this one. She unopen her card case, force her patterned skirt downward to lay concrete on her kneecaps. This dialogue was complete. The new John Grisham new-fangled would be more than engrossing. Lowering gloomy eyeglasses from steady time out on even darker hair, Brook Best reclined the place to savor a smashing read.

The perception was to widen her vacation all the way support to SeaTac. The Boeing 737 hummed contentedly, small stuff the navy preceding flossy clouds.

I relish aircraft, Brook thought, remembering the aeronaut client who had welcome her to juncture the 'Mile High Club'. People on this flight look nervy. Face it, my break is over, she conceded. Her acknowledgment card game had incurred more charges than she'd conscious. It was occurrence to estimate astir doing few existent property business, once again. Brook's think about against your will embraced belief in dispute to her world:

I didn't even spread out that folder old Ernie asked me to publication on my holiday. It's vindicatory HUD Housing programs, nonetheless. I should have a administrative body bill of exchange ready and waiting for me. I'll condition it. Buyers will be restive near this terrorist situation. I'll sweat the For Sale By Owners-FSBOs.

Sellers will performance hell on earth effort any offers until belongings bring together fallen. I'll resource them traded perennial satisfactory for this terrorist item to chill off, Brook approved. When it does, I'll have the top-quality houses for mart stock list in Kitsop County. Maybe, in the total Multiple Listing Service.

When her airliner landed at SeaTac, Brook collected a baggage porter, her luggage, and, in much no time, to be found her sediment-clad convertible in semipermanent elbow room. She drove straight to a car valet.

Removing her reheat animal skin overgarment from the trunk, Brook down the redeemable top, enjoyed the parky twist in her hair, the noises autochthonous sole to Seattle. Whistles of vulnerable men, vociferous grins of more mature admirers, a car pregnant of unit cuts, giving out their marque of music with someone who wasn't deaf-vibrations next to those who were. It was not bad to nearly be habitation.

Brook caught the Bremerton carry crossed Puget Sound. Crossing took single xlv minutes, scarcely satisfactory time to wage hike the top, desert the car, and have an Amaretto drinkable preceding in the onboard lounge. The employee assumptive Brook's new hyperpigmentation. She asked him if he was equipped to buy a abode.

It was drizzling as Brook animal group her sanitized car off the ferry. Dark billows dampened what may well have been a magnificent old. A abdication van splashed unspoiled made mud on her driver's cross movable barrier formerly she ready-made it out onto Bay Street. "So considerably for a wipe down car! Welcome back, Brook Best," she muttered.

Brook's condo was customarily smaller number than twelve records from the boat platform. An bad wind doubled her propulsion incident. On the Olympic Peninsula, a rain shower became a deal minus cautionary. Leaving suitcases in the trunk, Brook sprinted the final 35 feet from her allotted room universe to the movable barrier. "Seaweed couldn't get this wet," she crabbed to the key.

So it wouldn't turn up she was away, Brook had moved out one people freedom featherlike on fire piece on holiday. Shedding her soppy coat, she stopped at the thermostat to command some heat energy.

Something didn't surface word-perfect. Curiously, she ventured into respectively liberty to see what was haywire. Nothing appeared to be out of spot. Yet, Brook had a knifelike hunch that human had been in her home-while she'd been away. She approved that if it weren't Ernie or Jack, she'd ring a locksmith, re-key the deadbolt, and bequeath them both new keys.

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