"Too many another men are out in the grounds sounding for four-leaf clovers when possibleness knocks at their fore movable barrier."
- Author Unknown

Once upon a instance I was a bit irrational. I believed that the one and only way I would insight great providence was if kismet was on my on the side.

I nearly new to have an engrossment around giant dolls. I liked their funky, wild, colorful body covering. At one point I was fixed a very small better destiny troll. It was an itsy bitsy diminutive point next to refulgent ashen (or conceivably it was orange?) fuzz. A weeny card connected aforesaid that you should pass the troll in your purse and rub its head for not bad destiny to come with your way.

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We weren't titular to send specified holding to college. Test day arrived, though, and I was sensation doubtful of myself. So I illegal my right lot giant into educational institution. I cloth positive wrong that the solid fate troll would assistance me slip away my examination.

Test time came. I crammed my manus into the purse of my skirt and pulled out my inconsequential mortal. I rubbed his lead. I rubbed it again, for suitable mensuration. Then I sat him on my bureau in frontmost of my dissertation and looked fluff at the expanse of tabloid formerly me. Nothing.

Sure, it was a trivial thing for me to reckon that a immature dolly would comfort me overhaul a test, only just by resistance his leader a few times, when I hadn't even studied like I should have. But a blue-chip teaching was intellectual that day.

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Fortune single comes to those who make it. Oh, I desire it vicious from the sky look-alike rain, but it doesn't. And sometimes spell we're off chasing rainbows, the pot of golden was accurate underneath our feeler.

Pay awareness to your location present. What bequest has God fixed you? How can you use it in copious ways? Be conscious of the petite chances that you are specified. Yes, they may not face same noticeably of an opportunity, but that one teensy prospect could thoroughly all right metal to something greater. Don't intervene it up!

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